A Lesson Learned About Dental Care

Like a lot of people, I’ve had my share of issues with my teeth. My hope is that by detailing some of the things I’ve learned over the years that I might save people some of the pain I’ve had to deal with.

Perhaps the biggest dental event in my life can be seen as a coming of age story. Most of us have to deal with one very significant dental event, as we grow older. And that event is the emergence of our wisdom teeth. For me, that had the unfortunate timing to happen right around thanksgiving. The dental offices were closed, and I was left to deal with the pain on my own. Eventually the worst of it passed. I felt as if I could handle it on my own once the offices were open again. And that was one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made with my teeth.

wisdom teethThe biggest issue with wisdom teeth isn’t pain. That’s certainly a component of what makes wisdom teeth difficult to deal with. But the real problem with wisdom teeth comes from how they emerge from the gums. Wisdom teeth are a remnant of a different place and time. Our ancestors needed to live on rough foods such as roots or tough plants. Today we’re able to easily cut our food into smaller pieces, or cook it into a softer form. For our ancestors, the issues involved with wisdom teeth were worth it. Dental complications paled in the face of being able to eat a wider variety of foods. Today’s techniques and technologies have switched our priorities around. Food is everywhere, but our teeth are far more precious.

The big issue is that these wisdom teeth have become similar to vestigial organs. Unused pieces of our biology have a tendency to create some serious issues. A well-known example of this is how often an appendix can become infected. In a similar way, wisdom teeth have gone from beneficial to problematic. They’ve stuck around in our jaw long past the point where they were really needed. And the issue there is that our jaws have become much smaller over time. This can lead to the situation I found myself in. Sitting around with wisdom teeth slowly burrowing their way into the surrounding tissue.

Like many people, my wisdom teeth had become impacted. Also like many people, I thought that nothing could go wrong from simply dealing with the pain and discomfort on my own. If there’s one thing that I hope my experiences can drive home, it’s that medical problems need medical solutions. There’s something to be said for the ability to deal with pain and discomfort. But at the same time, the pain response is our body’s way of telling us something. And for me, it was trying to issue a warning that long gashes were being cut into my gums. As the wisdom teeth grew out, they were cutting right through the surrounding tissue. Do a quick online search for dentists in your area. Dentists using┬ádental seo services will be number one on Google and the most reliable sites.